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Go behind-the-scenes of Write a Must-Read and watch AJ Harper craft a transformational book.

In Write a Must-Read, I share the same process I teach in my 14-week course, Top Three Book Workshop. To give you more of a workshop experience, I created Behind the Book. Think of it as the “director’s cut” of my book.

I came up with the idea to create Behind the Book because my students learn better when I show them how to refine and edit their work. In private coaching sessions and in our group Live Edits, I share my screen and walk them through my feedback.

Here you will find videos that walk you through how I developed, wrote, and edited Write a Must-Read. I hope this helps you gain a deeper understanding of the lessons and frameworks in my book.


Bestseller Author Guide Training

Amber Vilhauer

A Note for Authors of Fiction

  • 1
    Reader First, Last, and Always

Part One: Develop

  • 2
    Connect with Your Ideal Reader
  • 3
    Craft Your Game-Changing Core Message
  • 4
    Commit to a Promise You Can Deliver
  • 5
    Filter Your Content with Three Questions
  • 6
    Create a Transformational Outline

Part Two: Draft

  • 7
    Write a Super-Rough Draft
  • 8
    Kill Your Inner-Critic Trolls

Part Three: Edit

  • 9
    The Must-Read Editing Method
  • 10
    Edit for Reader Transformation
  • 11
    Edit for Deep Reader Connection
  • 12
    Edit to Keep Your Reader on the Page
  • 13
    Edit for Revenue and Reader Engagement
  • 14
    Make Sure Your Book Actually Works
  • 15
    Bonus—A No-BS Crash Course in Publishing

We’re experiencing technical difficulties with the Behind the Book series and hope to have this valuable information for you soon!